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Much has been penned about the great, un-spoilt wilderness of east Africa. A paradise teeming with abundant wildlife, but what is frequently overlooked, and seldom mentioned by no more than a sentence or two, is the regions cultural wealth.

The abundance of unique ethnic groups, and their rich tapestry of cultures that remain relatively intact – even in this age of science and technology, people rooted in their traditions – is what makes east Africa and its shores a marvel to visit. While on safari, expect to see nomadic tribes herding their cattle & goats on the grassland fringes of game parks. On the very piece of ground walked by lions hours if not minutes before.

Living and sharing their own colourful cultures, peaceably side-by-side. linked to a vibrant quilt stitched with diverse, multi cultural patterns. On your safari you learn about the Masai tribe and how their tradition of hunting lions as men-come-of-age, transformed away from hunting, with the universal aim of preservation and conservation of the animals and forest they call their own.. come as experience for yourself, the Swahili people of the east African coast. Friendly, humble, peaceful and hospitable.

The sights, sounds, people and the fresh organic produce (fresh from the ocean and grasslands blanketing land), don’t take our word for it, come try it for yourself. We welcome you to east Africa.. bushtreksafaris is your gateway to Africa

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when visiting a Maasai Boma (homestead), don't miss your chance to try out-jump a moran warrior 

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