What species you can expect to see

its pumba - bushtrek favorite by a country mile.. once engaged to fight or flight, their tails pop right up, like a dried stick of bamboo with a tuft at one end.. start-stop-sprint-shimmy- , and then forget what they have just done and do it alllll over again… 

Pumba is real, trust me, on a family safari in 2010, the pumba in the photos below could not get enough of scratching its bottom.. it’s the funniest thing we have ever seen.. the other animals were soo confused watching this fellow.

This is no pig. These fellows are hours of fun. You will see the desert warthog in Samburu , however it is the common warthog that you will see more often. 

Although covered in bristly hairs, their bodies and heads appear largely naked from a distance, with only the crest along the back, and the tufts on their cheeks and tails being obviously haired. The common warthog's primary defence is to flee by means of fast sprinting. The common warthog's main predators are humans, lions, leopards, crocodiles, wild dogs and hyenas. Cheetahs are also capable of catching warthogs of up to their own weight and raptors such as Verreaux's eagle owls and martial eagles sometimes prey on piglets. However, if a female common warthog has any piglets, she will defend them very aggressively. On occasion, common warthogs have been observed charging and even wounding large predators.

Try spot warthogs allowing banded mongooses and vervet monkeys to groom them, removing ticks! Hilarious sighting

get spotting pumba on safari today

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just like pumba in The Lion King, these animals as ridiculously funny. They can often be found near the tents/cabins & on lodge grounds

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