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So slight and slender.. simply beautiful & peaceful 

Lesser flamingo - a species of flamingo occurring in sub-Saharan Africa. These flamingos are the smallest species of flamingo, though they are a tall and large bird by most standards. Most of the plumage is pinkish white. The clearest difference between this species and the greater flamingo, is the much more extensive black on the bill. Size is less helpful unless the species are together, since the sexes of each species also differ in height. The lesser flamingo may be the most numerous species of flamingo, with a population that (at its peak) probably numbers up to two million individual birds. Lesser flamingos are prey to a variety of species, including marabou storks, baboons, African fish eagles, wildcats, and African golden wolves.

Greater flamingo - is the largest species of flamingo, Most of the plumage is pinkish white, but the wing coverts are red and the primary and secondary flight feathers are black. The bill is pink with a restricted black tip, and the legs are entirely pink. The call is a goose-like honking.

The Lesser flamingos can be distinguished by its deep red carmine bill and pink plumage unlike the greater, which has a bill with a black tip.

Lake Nakuru has the highest bird diversities in the world. An incredible feature of Lake Nakuru is the large gatherings of long-legged, long-necked greater and lesser flamingos.

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The flamingo dance as they court partners as one huge synchronized flock movement of pink feathers   



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