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We strive to keep moving forward

Three months into the Covid-19 shut-down, message from our founder Let's all try make this one of our finest hours

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thank you to ALL frontline health workers

To all frontline health workers doing everything and more to help look after their patients during this corona virus pandemic, we have got your back. Here is a little something for you when this is all over

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corona virus - covid 19 travel advice

Travellers and the travel industry finds itself in unprecedented moment in time. We can help find you flights home & read for further advice pertaining to airline tickets/travel

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An authentic Maasai experience - by Bushtrek Safaris

On your safari you will have the chance to meet the Maasai, with the help of your Swahili speaking driver,  speak with these amazing people and find out just how they live, their experiences, their reality.. this here is my take of why this experience is richer & more colourful than the clothes they wear..

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safari suitcase guide

Suitcase or backpack? Sandals, trainers or boots ? Dress or trousers .. what about shorts, but the insects might bite?.. confused..the possibility of something you just didn't think of taking the shine off your safari excitement.  We are here to make it easier and your trip to Africa simpler, smoother & lots more fun!

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animal conservation

Majestic beasts, fragile ecosystems, the real impact of humans.. bushtreksafaris guide to protecting & preserving east Africas wild & endangered animals.. 

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maximise your safari-fun-potential

It's all well and good booking your ten day safari until someone tells you.. ' you arrive 10pm day 1'.. and so your ten day break from work fast becomes 9.  Then ... 'did i mention your 1 am departure on day ten'.. make that 8 day safari.. you get the idea! .. handy tips when planning your arrival in Nairobi & book flights with us too

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