is it safe to go on Safari in Africa ?

Nairobi - Kenya | Pritpal | 13 April 2017

As the saying goes.. if I got an elephant for every time I have been asked  .. . 'is it safe to travel to Africa?'.. i'd either have a very large family or id be dressed like Tarzan (all the time).. 

Africa does present a new set of challenges to a travelling group , however it is no different than travelling into London, New York, Beijing, Paris, Beirut, Dubai ..  read up, ask us questions when in doubt...

In Africa , once you exit the confines of a big city, you can pretty much guarantee National geographic -type scenery all around you. 

which brings me to the most bizarre way in which this question has been asked.. ' do you have a pet lion ?'..  and just so that we are clear.. the answer is .. no. 

Countries in East Africa as well as Indian Ocean Islands (Zanzibar, Mauritius, Seychelles) as ex-colonies of the western world.. and with that comes decent infrastructure and governance.. 

When in game parks , all your security needs will be met by the superb KWS - Kenya Wildlife Service - rangers , armed to protect against poaching and a shoot-to-kill policy for anyone seen to be harming a wild animal.. 

Roads all over the country are manned by traffic police who remain armed at all times and work though odd hours on all major road networks.. respectable presence of the army at all major ports and border crossings too, I am sure will make most people feel at ease.. 

with respect to Kenya, carefully regulated airline & private charter industry (airports & aircraft) also assures safe flights into and within the countries borders .. 

travelling is fun, and Africa is awesome.. 


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