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In the heart of the Indian ocean lies this breath-taking archipelago 

From Ile Aux Cerfs - a splendid island on the east coast, ideal for diving and aquatic sports & isolated postcard-perfect beaches plucked from your dreams - to Port Louis - take in the diverse bubbling culture, Islands museum, small specialised markets and its own little china town. For a more exciting excursion get whisked off to the races at the Champ de Mars. On-wards to Rodrigues - an Island that embodies the feeling that only romantics, eternal lovers can understand. It can be compared to the beloved one, whom you never get tired of. The magic this islands embodies is spontaneous and exciting, enchanting piece of land wedged between sea and sky. On this island there is no rush, simply a beautiful perfect small town island


Don’t forget to see the only specimen on a dodo at the museum of natural history, a symbol of Mauritius

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