What to expect - bushtrek bird safari

On a bushtrek bird safari, the expertise of planning your trip lies with you, the traveller, and our team of bird watching enthusiasts & professionals – local & international - as well as a mountain of knowledge widely available online

You can expect to cover some of the most magnificent equatorial volcanic forests found anywhere in the world. Walk the banks of the deepest & largest fresh water lakes fed by the life-blood of Africa, the river Nile. Venture into The Great Rift Valley, the Serengeti and the foothills of Africa’s greatest mountains – Mt. Kenya & Kilimanjaro. All these areas are home to over a 1000+ bird species, most of which can only be found here in this part of the world. But you already knew this!  Let us create your ultimate bird safari, begin tailoring your itinerary here!

Your bushtrek birding safari will be very exciting because it doesn’t end with birds! Your search for illusive birds will also take you by sightings of gorilla, chimpanzee, Africans big & small cats and the big 5 – Rhino, Lion, buffalo, giraffe & leopard. Your bird safari will allow you to experience The Life of Birds (Sir D. Attenborough) as well as their intricate relationship with Africas mighty & mini beasts, and let's not forget the peculiar & beautiful insects that they feed on.

If pink is your feather colour of choice, then look no further than a Flamingo safari!

If your carbon footprint is a priority please ask for a bushtrek eco safari

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African Fish Eagle Lake Manyara
Bateleur Eagles Maasai Mara
Blue Breasted Kingfisher Lake Mburo
Giraffe Weaver Bird
Lilac Breasted Roller Inflight
Long Crested Eagle Tarangire
Maasai Osterich Male Female Run

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