What to expect - bushtrek conservation safari

Conservation is in in the heart of every person you will meet on your bushtrek safari. If your aim is enjoy a safari holiday and would like an added learning experience, your safari itinerary can happily be tailored to include brief stops to document various conservation efforts. We can make that a priority on your itinerary, helping you add that important footnote in your safari adventure

Your conservation effort can take you to the Masai-Mara game reserve where you can enrol on various projects. This can range from the protection of fragile wild animal populations (such as the recently highlighted and worrying drop in cheetahs hunting the open plains), to venturing into Tsavo & Amboseli game reserves for projects involving rhino and elephant conservation. On the very day that you land in Nairobi, you will have the opportunity to experience the conservation efforts of elephants & giraffes.

At every juncture you will get to meet with fantastic local tribes, some nomadic, whose lives and culture are embedded & interlaced with the very land they share with these beautiful animals. You control how much interaction you want to have and with whom. Why not capture and take a beautiful piece of Africa back with you upon your return home, just like the photographs you see on this page.

For information regarding various conservation projects that have caught our attention over the year please read blog article - Animal conservation in East Africa.

If your carbon footprint is a priority please ask for a bushtrek eco conservation safari

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