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You can expect bushtreksafaris to give you every last bang for your buck when it comes to planning your student safari, however, this does not mean that we will compromise on your safety. We focus on what is important to you and your group. Reliable guides, vehicles, small aircraft, game wardens & trustworthy drivers help to facilitate every enjoyment of your adventure. Bushreksafaris will make sure your itinerary will always include clean & safe accommodation, good food and everything you need to make your ultimate safari memory. All our itineraries are tailored for you.

 We also cater for conservation activities or placements. Have your say, expend your precious energy & time, make the difference for endangered species as well as projects pertaining to environmental impacts of tourism on the local people (building of schools, teaching & sports projects).

 If you want to explore Africa, immerse yourself in its rich culture, learn about the people, the magnificent animals and the land they call home. At the same time enjoy thrilling activities on land & ocean. Look no further, creating your unbelievable memory starts here with bushtreksafaris. 

If your carbon footprint is a priority please ask for a bushtrek eco student safari

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