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Kenya | Sagoo's | 23/01/2017

First time safari traveller.. that was once me.. well I was 1, so you could ask my mother.. Surinder, the Operations Director, who has a knack of sharing too much about my childhood.. 

What I was trying to get at is that I meet a lot of people who ask the same question.. How do you pack for your first safari?

and all the various forms that this questions takes... what to pack, I'm just so excited I might forget something? 

suitcase or backpack? sandals or trainers or boots ? dress or trousers .. what about shorts, but the insects might bite?.. confused..the possibility of something we just did not think of taking the shine off our safari excitement..  don't be.. take my word for it, focus on the excitement...  

Here is our take on the safari packing guide:

As far as my packing goes, i have found that every safari is different, but one thing I always forget.. enough pairs of socks.. what can I say, my feet like fresh socks!

so, functional advice from me, and just so that I am clear... I am no fashion blogger.. so for ladies reading this I take no responsibility for your partner wearing socks with sandals.. 

East Africa's cities & towns are developed hubs of busy city life so i encourage you to leave your GI boots at home. All the way through your transit and transfers simple sandals can suffice but as a tip, carry a pair of socks!  Those early morning arrivals, transfers and journeys can make for frozen toes.. and for those surefooted travellers, sandals and slippers suffice.  However for those dinners outdoors, on the beach or in the bush, you might want to slide on a pair of shoes to cover those toes and ankles from the odd mosquito & co..

I cannot highlight enough the need for your abundant supply of sun-cream/lotion/serum/spray, whatever your preference.  You are sure to run out at the worst possible moment, and you don't want to share as purchasing sun-protection in Africa is almost twice or three times the price when compared to EU/US prices.. 

So, for those travellers in your group with a more relaxed attitude to packing  .. you might want to purchase it for them before you travel and pack it into their suitcase.  Think of it as his & her wardrobes, but even his has all her stuff in it (or the other way around!)

Find a nice cap with light full coverage.. When you are sitting with your lovely lady who is dressed like a beauty and you with your pink flaky scalp which is romantically reflecting the candle light.. lets just say there going to be a lot of eye rolling on her part, with the feint sound of the words 'i told you so'.  When you set off on your game drives or you venture for your city tours etc, grab a face towel/headscarf to tuck under your head wear to provide you with some neck coverage.  You can go all out and grab one of these buffwear .

Now I know we all have a good pair of sunglasses but you might want to get a polarised pair as you will be on or very near the equator. The strong sun is almost guaranteed on a daily basis, (I look out of the window at the rain and this sentence makes me want to stop typing and get out there).  My advice to you is to please ignore the fashion brands claiming 400% UV protection.. that always gets my eyes rolling .. As an Optometrists I can promise you that your investment will pay off. Choose from Oakley, Rayban, Boole, Mauijim.. most Luxotica brands.. or seek advice from your local opticians... 

For those of you booked into 5-7 star resorts and camps, some smart evening wear would be wise, but please don't stress if you chose not to bring one outfit for each evening.  All lodges and hotels have efficient laundry services and this includes camps and eco camps/lodges.  It always takes people by surprise when i make them aware that you can have your laundry done while out on a game drive.

Again.. i find the need to mention socks... I think I like socks.. 

For those on longer excursions, hard shell suitcases or a couple of rucksacks will do. You can arrange to leave your beach-wear in a bag with us whilst you venture on your safari which saves you the effort of having to lug around your giant bags.

So, with a risk of getting too deeply into personal packing tips and sounding like an old fart.. I'l leave you to contact us if your need any more advice.. 



three tourists children walking with two masai locals through the bush an amazing learning life experience on a beautiful holiday in Africa
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