A balloon safari in Maasai Mara | Kenya

On a bushtrek balloon safari you will feel like a silent drone, as you capture the beautiful vastness & glide over the wilderness               

Your balloon safari starts early. The ballooning team will whisk you away from your camp/lodge in a Toyota land-cruiser to our launch site, often situated near a Maasai village. If your stomach can take the excitement as part of the preparations you will watch the inflation of your hot air balloon and assembly of the basket that will be your platform, under the cover of early morning darkness.

At dawn you will be meeting the rising sun as it peeks over the savanna. Everything below you will have a mystical dew glow. Beneath you and the rising sun - that bathes the savanna in golden light - is an animal world that is rich, beautiful, delicate and deadly. The balloon will float as it takes the direction of the wind currents that the morning will offer.

Your pilot will aim to soar to an altitude of 1000 feet, at times skimming over tree tops at the height of feeding giraffes. You will have a magical perspective as you float over the African wilderness. You will experience breathtaking photographic opportunities as you marvel at the enormity, the true scale, of the Maasai-Mara as it merges with the Serengeti at the horizon. During The Great Migration, the balloon can glide over a million wildebeest as they carpet the grasslands below. The floating flight will last for an hour. Upon landing expect to be greeted with excitement and the opportunity to wash down the thrill you have experienced with a tipple of champagne, sparkling wine or whatever takes your fancy.

Bushtrek recommends your safari to include both a night game drive & balloon safari.

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Balloon Safari gliding over Herd Wildebeest dry season maasai mara ©bushtreksafaris
Balloon Safari early morning take off preparations kichwa tembo conservancy Kenya safari ©bushtreksafaris
Balloon Safari early morning take off preparations kichwa tembo conservancy Kenya safari #3©bushtreksafaris
Migrating Blue Wildebeest From Above Dry season maasai mara migration safari spectacular ©bushtreksafaris
serengeti balloon safari during the migration African safari vacation ©bushtreksafaris

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