Wild animals you can see on safari in Africa

To see these magnificent beasts roaming in their pristine and fragile home, without cages or fences, wild Africa under the beautiful equatorial sun – words can’t conjure it and even the best digital imagery does it no justice: You NEED to come on safari real soon! 

Here, read snippets put together by the Bushtrek Safaris team, including their favourite animals & their unusual likes.. important hints & tips when watching these animals

It's so easy to forget that these are wild animals & no matter how docile they may seem, do not attempt to interact with them unless organised in a controlled environment 

closeup photo of Grevy's Zebras Ol Pejeta Conservancy private game safaris Africa ©bushtreksafaris


Zebras are generally social animals that live in small harems to large herds. Unlike their closest relatives; horses & donkeys, zebras have never been truly domesticated. On your safari, you can spot them almost everywhere your turn. Know your Zebra species here.

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Rhino & baby rhino in the Mara with beautiful horn photography safari ©bushtreksafaris

African Rhinoceros

Always stay downwind from these animals when on foot. With poor eye sight and the ability of bursts of speed in excess of 25 mph, when this amazing animal runs the earth rumbles.. a very rare sighting when on a trot or run.. catch sight of them in their real home.. Africa

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mother lioness Tickling Cub masai mara game reserve lovely photo kenya safari ©bushtreksafaris


Maasai lion or Tsavo lion? can you spot the difference ? or save your yourself the brain tease and enjoy the playful & super-cute cubs, little lion fur-balls are was too snuggly, however do not attempt a cuddle

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lowland mountain Gorilla family spotted on a gorilla safari in Uganda ®bushtreksafaris


The only places in the world where you can sit and be amongst Gorillas, in their Natural habitat, Africa. Don't miss your chance to sit with gorillas, share each others company close up, in their home

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full photo of giraffe maasai mara north conservancy kenya safari #3 ®bushtreksafaris


Catch sight of these species, but, can you spot the difference Masai giraffe  reticulated giraffe Rothschild's giraffe - critically endangered Rothschild’s Giraffe (some 10% of the world population which remains in the wild today, in just one reserve in east Africa)

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Zebra Kicks another zebra on the lake shore with Flamingos in view amazing photography safaris Africa ©


Greater & Lesser flamingos, can you tell them apart? come on a flamingo safari and catch sight of thousands of these fresh pink feathered beauties.. Oh and don't forget the other animals they share Africa with

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Baby elephant flapping ears and running kicking dirt game drive in mara ©bushtreksafaris


African elephants are listed as vulnerable by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). When on safari, spot unusual behaviour, mourning a dead elephant, salt licks in evenings, stripping of bark off trees. lets not forget, floppier ears and trunks of African elephant babies make them a bushtrek favourite

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