Wild animals you can see on safari in Africa

To see these magnificent beasts roaming in their pristine and fragile home, without cages or fences, wild Africa under the beautiful equatorial sun – words can’t conjure it and even the best digital imagery does it no justice: You NEED to come on safari real soon! 

Here, read snippets put together by the Bushtrek Safaris team, including their favourite animals & their unusual likes.. important hints & tips when watching these animals

It's so easy to forget that these are wild animals & no matter how docile they may seem, do not attempt to interact with them unless organised in a controlled environment 

group of maasai warriors jumping meet the maasai on your safari to Kenya #best ©bushtreksafaris

Humans - Masai Tribe

Much has been penned about the great, un-spoilt & fragile wilderness of east Africa. A paradise teeming with abundant wildlife, but what is frequently overlooked, and seldom mentioned by no more than a sentence or two, is the regions cultural wealth. The people that share this part of the world with the animals

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Masai Ostrich Male & Female Run amboseli safari Kenya ©bushtreksafaris


Masai ostrich - Smart big birds with very scary raptor like feet. If you are lucky to spot a nest, yes, those mini-rugby balls, beaming white oval things.. yes ostrich eggs.. I know what you are thinking .. ouch…

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Wildebeest gathering great migration safari in Kenya ©bushtreksafaris


The wildebeests, also called gnus, are the most abundant big game species; What you will see in east Africa are the blue wildebeest

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