Wild animals you can see on safari in Africa

To see these magnificent beasts roaming in their pristine and fragile home, without cages or fences, wild Africa under the beautiful equatorial sun – words can’t conjure it and even the best digital imagery does it no justice: You NEED to come on safari real soon! 

Here, read snippets put together by the Bushtrek Safaris team, including their favourite animals & their unusual likes.. important hints & tips when watching these animals

It's so easy to forget that these are wild animals & no matter how docile they may seem, do not attempt to interact with them unless organised in a controlled environment 

Crocodile jaws open attacking wading wildebeest migration mara river


The Nile crocodile is an opportunistic apex predator and a very aggressive species of crocodile that is capable of taking almost any animal within its range. You can catch sight of them feeding on different species of fish, reptiles, birds and mammals. One of the most dangerous species of crocodile and is responsible for hundreds of human deaths every year

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3 Cheetahs sitting On vehicle in maasai Mara dry season amazing close up wild luxury safari kenya ©bushtreksafaris


Simply put, this is one fast putty cat! Like a scene from star wars, their feet barely touch the ground as they wield their long streamlined tails form side-to-side while speedily gliding over the grasslands 

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Leopard Mother Cub on River bank Rock Mara river rare sighting in the open ©bushtreksafaris


Elusive & stealthy, arguably the most efficient of all big cat carnivores. Look out for carcasses and bones wedged on trees of all heights, you are in its territory

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Yawning Hippo Tarangire national park photography safari ©


During the day they float and release air on the surface of the water.. Like an African iceberg, under the cloak of the night, 1500 kg mass emerges from the shallow depths of the waterways, graze almost all night, very entertaining .. watch them on your night safari, as they just don’t stop eating

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buffalo in Tsavo on Kenya safari red soils of tsavo ©bushtreksafaris

African buffalo

A tough beast, happy to stare you out. if that image is not enough to keep you in your vehicle , i do not know what is.. 1-1 a lion stands no chance ! If you bump into one, DO NOT run! instead climb like a chimp

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warthog in long green grass serengeti luxury safari game drive ®bushtreksafaris


PUMBA is REAL! Easily spooked, very bold and bubbly character, but not far up the food chain nor IQ.. super cute & hours of fun to watch

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Impala Locking Horns Kenya private safari ©bushtreksafaris photography

Impala, Gazelle & cousins

Impala, Kudu, Dik-Dik, Thomson Gazelle, Topi, Water-Buck, Bush-Buck, Eland.. Impressive names for remarkable animals.. prey for Africa's big cat family

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